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About Us

We are a Leading Direct-Mail Franchise Company
RSVP Publications, first established in 1985, is now one of the largest direct mail advertising companies in the nation! With over 80 franchises, we are located in virtually every major metropolitan area with a few CHOICE available markets. Learn more about RSVP franchise opportunitiues.
We Advertise to the Wealthiest Homeowners
We design, print and mail 4-color picture postcards, advertising the more “upscale” local businesses to the wealthiest 20% of North American Homeowners. We eliminate wasted circulation by mailing to the homeowners most likely to spend.
Pinpoints your Target Market:
RSVP targets high end, owner-occupied homeowners (who can easily afford to buy your product or service) using our own in-house database of quality homeowner data. The mailing list is hand-picked based on home ownership, home value and buying trends.

Cost Effectiveness: 
RSVP costs only pennies per home. Every dollar spent goes toward reaching a specialized market; your most qualified consumers.

Promotes Consumer Action:
RSVP cards are designed to evoke a response from consumers. Returning the card will result in obtaining more information or special savings on a service or product. The RSVP postcard has value and promotes action by the consumer.

Measurable Results: 
Responses are easily tracked, allowing you to measure your success and see exactly what your ad dollars are buying.

Personally Addressed: 
Each package is printed with the homeowner's name and address; no "current resident" or "lucky occupant".

Our Postcard Deck allows the Homeowner to Respond in Four Ways: 
1. The homeowner can mail the postcard back to the advertiser. 

2. The homeowner can call the advertiser. 
3. The homeowner can return the postcard to the advertiser's showroom or directly to the restaurant or retail store.
4. The homeowner can visit a custom URL so we can count website visits.

This makes the advertisement 100% trackable